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Palaxy Tracks "Twelve Rooms [Special Edition]" Digital Release

$10.00 Digital Download

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Palaxy Tracks
"Twelve Rooms [Special Edition]" Digital Release
Peek-A-Boo Records
BOO 1217

This hefty, 21-track release revisits Palaxy Tracks' 2005 release "Twelve Rooms," adding new artwork and a variety of unreleased songs, remixes and live recordings from the period during which "Twelve Rooms" was recorded.

The special edition begins with the twelve songs that comprised the original release, then leads into a live performance of the title track from the band's 2003 release, "Cedarland," recorded at the "Twelve Rooms" record release show in June 2005 at Schuba's in Chicago. Next is a haunting remix of "Grey Snake" created by labelmates The Octopus Project, followed by three excellent, previously unreleased songs recorded during the "Twelve Rooms" sessions. After an early demo of "Speech With Animals," Chicago musician Daniel Knox renders a bare, emotional take on "Me & You & Him" with only vocals and piano, and Kent Lambert from the Chicago band Roommate remixes "Camera." The special edition closes with another live performance from the "Twelve Rooms" release show: a new song called "Non-Fiction."

Release Date:  January 22, 2007

Track Listing
1.  Speech With Animals 
2.  Grey Snake  MP3
3.  The Clarion Way 
4.  Up My Sleeve 
5.  Camera 
6.  Lamplighter  MP3
7.  The Criminal Mind 
8.  Seems So Long Ago, Nancy  (Leonard Cohen)
9.  Me and You and Him 
10.  Legs on the Ladder 
11.  Dead Language 
12.  Twelve Rooms 
13.  Cedarland [Live @ Schubas, June 2005] 
14.  Grey Snake [The Octopus Project Remix] 
15.  Wake Me Up 
16.  Broken Glass 
17.  I Won't Be Home Tonight 
18.  Speech With Animals [Demo] 
19.  Me & You & Him [Performed by Daniel Knox] 
20.  Camera [Kent Lambert Remix] 
21.  Non-Fiction [Live @ Schubas, June 2005] 
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