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Palaxy Tracks "Twelve Rooms" CD


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Palaxy Tracks
"Twelve Rooms" CD
Peek-A-Boo Records
BOO 1216 CD

Heavily inspired by the writings of Raymond Carver, "Twelve Rooms" is essentially twelve different stories — some fiction, some not — written with an insightful observance and quiet desperation. Palaxy Tracks' distinctively subtle compositions perfectly convey a sense of loss and longing, evoking images of specters and spectators, murders and memories, empty rooms and endless open roads. Mood is carefully established and embellished with touches of mellotron, horns, hammond organ, pump organ and other finishing flourishes.

"Twelve Rooms" shows a band that has progressed gracefully over the course of three records, growing ever more evocative and sweetly heartbreaking with each respective release to build twelve rooms of swooning, bittersweet perfection.

Online orders of "Twelve Rooms" include a free download code for the digital release "Twelve Rooms (Special Edition)," which includes nine bonus tracks.

Release Date:  May 31, 2005

Track Listing
1.  Speech With Animals 
2.  Grey Snake  MP3
3.  The Clarion Way 
4.  Up My Sleeve 
5.  Camera 
6.  Lamplighter  MP3
7.  The Criminal Mind 
8.  Seems So Long Ago, Nancy  (Leonard Cohen)
9.  Me and You and Him 
10.  Legs on the Ladder 
11.  Dead Language 
12.  Twelve Rooms 

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