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Junior Varsity

 Doin' it for the Kids! JV at K. Smith Elementary's "Good Conduct Carnival"

Pre-show pose. Getting underway on the playground. More rockin' in the schoolyard.
Servin' up Two Scoops while old K. Smith Elementary shines in the background. Brandon (3rd Grade) wonders how Matt could possibly loose the beat so often! Jericka breaks everyone's mind with her wild dance moves.
Principal Simpson "Gets Down." Future teen twister, Mario, danceed so hard he actually barfed!! No lie. Mario proves that nausea is nothing a good puke & a Continental Cola can't cure!
JV poses with Ms. Friedman's class as Mr. Friedman (Andy from Sugar Shack) looks on. Rebecca signs her first autograph as an official Varsiteen™. JV says thanks to The Cowboys & Cowgirls at K. Smith!


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