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Junior Varsity

 Rocketship to Japan 2000!

Kimmie gets a kimono from Yuki's mom. JV warms up in the van. Maria & Choko with a toy karaoke mic.
Yukihiro, the boss. JV & Bippy on stage in Osaka. Butchie, filmmaker and tour guide.
Matt & Mr. Sheen of the NeatBeats talk about vintage drums & hair products. 12:01 pm... beer time! The Mighty Moguls out-cute & out-play JV in Tokyo!
JV on stage in Tokyo. JV & Bippy on stage in Tokyo. Matt doin' Travis' job at the merch booth.
Tokyo socialites: Inoky (Jackie & Cedrics), Sachiko & Ronnie (5678s), Itchie (Boyfriends). Matt is starstruck for Momoko of Tirolean Tape, Sunnychar, & The Automatics! Yori, the Lottie Collins' mountain goat, in Yokahama.
Choko & Yukihiro gettin' weird with the electrical tape. I guess the tape was Matt's idea. Nagoya's #4 party band... Panther!
JV & Bippy on stage in Yokahama. Matt doin' Travis' job at the merch booth (again). Choko from Panther joins the Lottie Collins for a song in Nagoya.
Travis gets another wife (while Matt does his job at the merch booth). JV on stage in Nagoya. JV & Bippy on stage in Nagoya.
Guitar God Rebecca! Yori from Lottie Collins and Maiko from 33rpm. Travis celebrates with another wife, Shoko-rock in Nagoya.
Naomi, owner of Skippy Records, ex-Teenage Bonehead... and single! Travis contemplates upgrading the Peek-A-Boo loo to one with remote control. Motoki from Panther... Soul Brother #3!
JV & Lottie Collins photo shoot. Bippy goes shopping. JV & Lottie Collins photo shoot in the mall.
JV poses with Bippy in the mall. Bippy gets kinky with some school girls. Sachiko's mom (5678s) has been voted cutest mom in the world.
Kimmie at karaoke with Maria. Yori the mountain goat climbs the karaoke screen. Bippy does karaoke!


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