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Poopiehead "Big Red Poopie Eater" 7" EP

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"Big Red Poopie Eater" 7" EP
Peek-A-Boo Records
BOO 708

Far away in Poopieland, the Poopie People have come up with the sugariest, most-Everlastingest bubblegum Casio pop on the planet — music so sweet it's sure to cause cavities.

Led by Dean Hsieh and Anna Viniegra, the musical talent behind Teen Titans and The 1-4-5s, Poopiehead was the couple's pop outlet and recorded several EPs and compilation tracks (including their excellent Shonen Knife cover on the Bicycle Rodeo LP) in the band's short lifetime. Spoon drummer Jim Eno sat in on the skins for these studio recordings, while Silver Scooter's Tom Hudson played drums in Poopiehead's live incarnation.

Release Date:  September 3, 1996

Track Listing
1.  P-Day 
2.  Pink Lawnmower 
3.  G-Force 
4.  Oldsmobile Supreme 

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