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Drake Tungsten "Six Pence for the Sauces" 7" EP

Out of Print

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Drake Tungsten
"Six Pence for the Sauces" 7" EP
Peek-A-Boo Records
BOO 705

Drake Tungsten was a pseudonym for Britt Daniel's home recording project circa 1994-96. The short, acoustic tracks reveal Britt's love of The Beatles, while the others, moodier and embellished with arty guitar effects, offer an early glipmse of the Spoon frontman's songwriting and recording talent.

Two of these songs were later recorded and released by Spoon — "I Could Be Underground" on the "30 Gallon Tank" EP, and "Chicago At Night" on the "Girls Can Tell" album.

Although this single has been out of print for many years, the songs are finally widely available again as digital downloads from iTunes and eMusic.

Release Date:  March 1, 1996

Track Listing
1.  Do the Manta Ray 
2.  Cool It You Need 
3.  Chicago @ Night 
4.  He Was Soon to Undergo an Experience for which His Long Training as an Aristocrat, a Gentleman, and an Officer Had Scarcely Prepared Him 
5.  I Could Be Underground 
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