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The Prima Donnas "Drugs, Sex & Discotheques" CD


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The Prima Donnas
"Drugs, Sex & Discotheques" CD
Peek-A-Boo Records
BOO 1210 CD

Were The Prima Donnas the last of the great, late-'80s keyboard bands or first of the great, late-'90s, retro-'80s keyboard bands? You decide. The Prima Donnas' followers are many, and this long-lost testament to the glorious word of unholy synth-punk as translated by three young scholars from Sussex, UK, had been rumoured for many years, but no one believed it to be true.

Their story is famous and a little incredible. After leaving the confines of their orphanage in England and stowing away on a submarine to America, the boys found themselves in Texas and proceeded to educate the masses on how to get shitfaced and puke all over a keyboard while still looking unbelievably sexy.

These 15 lost tracks of disco decadence were recorded in Monte Carlo, Bristol, Sussex, London and a hot-air balloon circling the globe from 1983 to 1998. Peek-A-Boo Records is proud to finally make them available on CD format, digitally remastered for sound quality.

Release Date:  October 9, 2001

Track Listing
1.  Nance Music Manifesto 
2.  Reagan's Dead 
3.  (Dancin' in The) Freaky Zone  MP3
4.  Headful of Pills 
5.  Lavender Shakedown 
6.  Skin of Another Man 
7.  Song for All the World's Children 
8.  F.U.K. 
9.  Yr So Cool  MP3
10.  Love You, Schizo Sickie 
11.  Stoned, Like a White Balloon 
12.  Fall Fashion 
13.  Break Your Fuckin' Head 
14.  I Love My Motion Detector 
15.  [blank track] 
16.  Four O'Clock in the Morning (unlisted track) 

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