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Silver Scooter "The Blue Law" CD


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Silver Scooter
"The Blue Law" CD
Peek-A-Boo Records
BOO 1208 CD

Silver Scooter began as a deceptively simple pop trio with the uncanny ability to hit as many emotional chords as musical ones. With their third full-length, "The Blue Law," the band evolved into a deceptively sophisticated pop quartet that now hits those chords with an articulate precision, using the studio to silken, not slicken, a tasteful sound that was already tight, controlled and in many ways, perfect.

On this third Silver Scooter album, Garred once again ponders love and life and sings with a passion that makes his prolific documentation of experience endearing and warm. Many songs have been written by the lonesome and tragic. What makes Silver Scooter great is the combination of elements: subtle guitar leads, powerful bass melodies, restrained drumming, inventive percussion and a meticulous recording approach. "The Blue Law" might not only be Silver Scooter's best album to date, but also its most touching, dense and rewarding.

Release Date:  February 27, 2001

Track Listing
1.  Goodbye  MP3
2.  Blue Law 
3.  Albert Hall  MP3
4.  The Long Way 
5.  Black Stars 
6.  Dirty Little Bar 
7.  Terrorism Lover 
8.  The Lonely Singer 
9.  Remembering 
10.  On the Mark 
11.  Voice of Authority 
12.  Crash 

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