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Various Artists "The Peek-A-Boo Book of Spells" LP

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Various Artists
"The Peek-A-Boo Book of Spells" LP
Peek-A-Boo Records
BOO 1207 LP

Peek-A-Boo Records celebrated its fifth year by releasing a second compilation of exclusive tracks by 16 local bands, documenting the Austin underground music scene circa 1999-2000. Like the "Bicycle Rodeo" compilation, the "Book of Spells" was only released on clear vinyl and limited to 1000 copies, each with a large, magazine-size 12-page insert containing band photos and info.

The "Book of Spells" LP was unified by a theme of witchcraft and magic, and included tracks by Port Vale, Knife in the Water, The Process, Junior Varsity, Fivehead, Subset, Roar ! Lion, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Silver Scooter, The Kiss Offs, Eskimo Kisses, Woozyhelmet (featuring Toto from The Octopus Project), The Maulies, The Wontons, Super XX Man and The Prima Donnas.

Release Date:  November 7, 2000

Track Listing
1.  Port Vale - Witchcraft and Snowfall 
2.  Knife in the Water - A Spell for Some Summer Day 
3.  The Process - Proceed 
4.  Junior Varsity - Voodoo Voodoo  (Chess Avril, Andrew Coleman)
5.  Fivehead - Sit a Spell 
6.  Subset - Twelve-Sided Die 
7.  Roar ! Lion - Witch Hunt 
8.  ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead - Witch's Web 
9.  Silver Scooter - Remembering the Middle Ages 
10.  The Kiss Offs - Red Underwear/Seductra  (The Bad Shit Fuckers)
11.  Eskimo Kisses - Bloody Mary 
12.  Woozyhelmet - Time Pops 
13.  The Maulies - Witches' Brew 
14.  The Wontons - The Wizard  (Black Sabbath)
15.  Super XX Man - Cast a Spell (live) 
16.  The Prima Donnas - Sugar Plum Fairy 

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