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Junior Varsity "Bam Bam Bam!" CD


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Junior Varsity
"Bam Bam Bam!" CD
Peek-A-Boo Records
BOO 1206 CD

Combining '50s teen-clean sounds with spirit rally stage shenanigans straight out of the Rydell High School gymnasium, these two gals and a goof produce the kind of piston twistin' tunes that'll make you move your torso a little more so! This highly-anticipated platter zips out 14 cuts of teen-screamin' madness inspired by Pearl Beer and Poppa Burgers, evoking a time when a tube amp cost 15 cents at the corner malt shop. KPOP 1220 AM radio DJ Butchie Cordell sez, "This is a ding-dang-doozy of a frisbee, jack!"

A very collectible, limited-edition of the entire "Bam Bam Bam" album was also released on 7" vinyl on drummer Matt Murillo's Houston-based label, Twist Like This Records. Only 200 copies were pressed.

Release Date:  March 14, 2000

Track Listing
1.  Bam B-B-Bam Bam Bam 
2.  Lafayette (Rock City) 
3.  Poppa Burger 
4.  Dance, Franny, Dance  (Floyd Dakil)
5.  So Great 
6.  Mark Lochridge Twist 
7.  Switch Sides 
8.  Pop Socks 
9.  My Boyfriend 
10.  Pin Monkey  MP3
11.  Alley Cat 
12.  Can't Take It No More  (Dave Bartholemew)
13.  Woodpecker Stomp 
14.  Package Store  MP3

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