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Silver Scooter "Orleans Parish" CD


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Silver Scooter
"Orleans Parish" CD
Peek-A-Boo Records
BOO 1204 CD

Like all those '80s college records you made out to in high school, Silver Scooter's second album provides the warmth, sincerity and nostalgic pop sounds you've been waiting so long to hear again. It's the record you'd want to hear while dancing with an ex-girlfriend, half-drunk on a rainy Sunday afternoon. It's the kiss you'll never forget, though you wish you could. It's exhilarating in its pristine pop beauty, and it's one hell of a downer. Yet somehow, hearing singer Scott Garred ponder, "Someone tell me what a good day's for / It's the little things that seem so bad / They add up to make a girl sad," only makes you feel better when you're feeling bitter.

Release Date:  February 23, 1999

Track Listing
1.  Tribute to the Phone Calls  MP3
2.  Sleight of Hand 
3.  Should've Stayed 
4.  Cancer and Wide-Eyed Looks 
5.  New Orleans 
6.  Deliver Me Driver 
7.  So Long 
8.  If Nonsense Only Knew 
9.  Sand Dollar Relief 
10.  Dinosaurs 
11.  Cup and String 
12.  Morning View  MP3

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