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The Kiss Offs "Goodbye Private Life" LP


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The Kiss Offs
"Goodbye Private Life" LP
Peek-A-Boo Records
BOO 1203 LP

With a kiss, a smirk and five shots of bourbon, The Kiss Offs sling the '60s into the '80s on a sea of feedback, amps cranked in testimony to the healing power of Almighty Rock & Roll. Much that could be said about the band is already suggested by the paparazzi photographs that grace the cover of their debut album: The Kiss Offs bring the party wherever they go.

Lyrically, they always lay it on the line, singing desperately seedy songs about trashy dates, peeping toms, lust and lost love. When singer Phillip Niemeyer pleads, "Give me one more chance to fuck up," he means it sincerely. The thing is, it's hard to play guitar with your heart on your sleeve — it keeps slipping out and hitting all the strings, making a god-awful racket. But lest you think this noise unintentional, Niemeyer adds, "Yeah, yeah, I can rock / I'm a one-man Woodstock."

With a "more is more" maxim, every blessed minute on "Goodbye Private Life" is exploding with dirty guitars, sultry keys, roadhouse bass and a manic vocal interplay that will leave you steadily turning the knob to the right as you willingly lose your hearing. It's loud, it's fun, it's Rock & Roll.

LP includes promo code for free MP3 download of the album.

Release Date:  February 23, 1999

Track Listing
1.  Intro 
2.  Dream Date  MP3
3.  Never Been Kissed 
4.  Looking Through 
5.  Hey, Cowboy 
6.  Love's Evidence 
7.  Mock St. Augustine 
8.  Bottle Blonde  MP3
9.  All Dressed Up 
10.  Scarlet Letters 
11.  The Kiss That Kills 
12.  Prayer to St. Anthony 
13.  Perfect Fit 
14.  Kiss Me, Slap Me  MP3
15.  The Horrible, Shocking Truth 
16.  Outtro 

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