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Silver Scooter "The Other Palm Springs" LP

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Silver Scooter
"The Other Palm Springs" LP
Peek-A-Boo Records
BOO 1202 LP

Silver Scooter's first album was a studio masterpiece featuring 14 incredibly catchy songs that managed to balance songwriter Scott Garred's emotional subleties and lyrical storytelling with the exciting live energy of bassist John Hunt and drummer Tom Hudson. Recorded by Dave McNair, the album displayed a keen sense of musicianship, melody melancholy that would only develop and mature with each successive Silver Scooter release.

The LP included a bonus single-sided 7" with the unlisted instrumental track "Standing Under."

The Japanese release of "The Other Palm Springs" included the three songs from the "Biting My Nails" 7" as bonus tracks.

Release Date:  October 18, 1997

Track Listing
1.  Tractor Pull  MP3
2.  Regret Sets In  MP3
3.  Good Man Down 
4.  Riverbed 
5.  Catching Fish 
6.  Pumpkin Eyes 
7.  Beating 
8.  Long Fence 
9.  Clarkston, WA 
10.  Solid Glass 
11.  10 p.m. on Saturday Night 
12.  Pretty When We Land 
13.  Brain & Heart 
14.  Intruder Inside 
15.  Standing Under (included on bonus 7") 

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