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Silver Scooter "Goodbye" CD EP


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Silver Scooter
"Goodbye" CD EP
Peek-A-Boo Records
BOO 1001 CD

There's something comforting in singer/guitarist Scott Garred's farewell in the title track from Silver Scooter's "Goodbye" EP, as if there's something better just over the horizon. And, well, there is. "Goodbye" is also the first track on their third album, "The Blue Law." This excellent four-song EP offers a sample of what's to come with three new originals plus a stunning rendition of New Order's "Run."

Release Date:  November 7, 2000

Track Listing
1.  Goodbye  MP3
2.  Amateur Actors 
3.  It's Not Real 
4.  Run  (New Order)

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