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The Wontons "Extra Spicy!" 7" EP

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The Wontons
"Extra Spicy!" 7" EP
Peek-A-Boo Records
BOO 719

The Wontons — Dean Hsieh from The 1-4-5s and Teen Titans, Matt Murillo from Junior Varsity, and Randy Tankersly from the U.S. Air Force — have cooked up some "All-You-Can-Eat Rock & Roll," a buffet of '50s rock and '70s punk served with a Chinese twist. On stage they delivered a loud, energetic show clad in kung-fu uniforms, and off stage you'd find them stuffing their bellies with Lo Mein, swilling Tsingtao and meditating in the Wonton Temple. Order this single to go!

Release Date:  November 2, 1999

Track Listing
1.  Shanghai Saturday 
2.  Mindy Ming 
3.  Do the Wonton 
4.  No Good-Nik 
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