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Silver Scooter "A Tribute to the Phone Calls" 7"

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Silver Scooter
"A Tribute to the Phone Calls" 7"
Peek-A-Boo Records
BOO 717

"Tribute to the Phone Calls" was the single and lead track from Silver Scooter's second album, "Orleans Parish," and just as this offers a small taste of the sophomore album, the cover art for this 7" shows a preliminary sketch of the painting on the front sleeve of "Orleans Parish."

The B side, The Cure's "In Between Days," was also included as a bonus track on the Japanese release of "Orleans Parish."

Includes promo code for free MP3 downloads.

Release Date:  November 10, 1998

Track Listing
1.  Tribute to the Phone Calls  MP3
2.  In Between Days  (Robert Smith)
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