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The Octopus Project "Whitby" Digital Single

$2.00 Digital Download

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The Octopus Project
"Whitby" Digital Single
Peek-A-Boo Records
BOO 723

"Whitby" is the first single from The Octopus Project's fifth album, Fever Forms.

The "Whitby" digital EP — available exclusively from the Peek-A-Boo Records website — features an additional remix, plus bonus tracks unavailable elsewhere: two B-sides, a karaoke version of "Whitby" (with CDG file for karaoke players) and the official "Whitby" music video.

The "Whitby" music video is a product of the The Octopus Project's collective consciousness. Created, shot and directed by the band, the stop-motion extravaganza was crafted entirely using die-cut colored card stock. Band members meticulously designed each shape in Photoshop then used a cutting machine generally reserved for scrapbooking to cut them out before photographing them in real world settings. The final video consists of over 4,000 separate images.

Release Date:  November 6, 2012

Track Listing
1.  Whitby 
2.  Whitby (Debbie's Selection Remix) 
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