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The Octopus Project "Hexadecagon" 2xLP

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The Octopus Project
"Hexadecagon" 2xLP
Peek-A-Boo Records
BOO 1220 LP

The Octopus Project's fourth album began as an experimental performance piece written for a custom eight-channel audio, eight-screen video integrated surround system. The band then spent months recording and re-arranging the piece to create an ear-dazzling experience for anyone with a pair of speakers or headphones. The result is not so much eight distinct songs as one epic suite with mood swings. This, more than any previous release by The Octopus Project, is an album in the truest sense.

The first syncopated piano riff of “Fuguefat” only hints at the intense, vacillating montage of over 40 interwoven piano tracks which later appear in “Circling.” This fervor gradually subsides into a vast sonic landscape where massive subterranean tones call and respond, and a lone, mournful Theremin wanders the domain in “Toneloop.” That Theremin eventually finds companions among the colossal, soothing pulses of “Hallucinists,” and album closer “Catalog” just might be a millennia-old transmission from a distant intelligent life form.

The vinyl release is a delight for audiophiles and collectors alike. The album spans three sides of the gatefold double LP, while the fourth side contains ten bonus tracks unavailable on any other format, cut to wax in interlocked, spiraling "roulette grooves." The vinyl also includes a cut and assemble zoetrope that the listener can place atop the record as it spins, creating a miniature animation. Each album track has its own zoetrope animation strip – eight in all. Needless-to-say, this is a very special release. Limited pressing of 1000 copies.

LP includes promo code for free MP3 download of the album.

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Release Date:  October 26, 2010

Track Listing
1.  Fuguefat 
2.  Korakrit 
3.  A Phantasy 
4.  Circling 
5.  Toneloop 
6.  Glass Jungle 
7.  Hallucinists 
8.  Catalog 
9.  [4th side bonus tracks] 
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