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The Octopus Project "Golden Beds" Enhanced CD EP


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The Octopus Project
"Golden Beds" Enhanced CD EP
Peek-A-Boo Records
BOO 1005

The Octopus Project's latest EP presents five different tunes from five different rooms in the band's neon mansion of sound. Some are new, some represent fresh takes on ideas from the past, and each explores a different facet of their omnivorous sonic creations — from big-riff rock to tiny electronics to blissful sing-alongs. So roll up those shirt sleeves and dip your arms deep into this kaleidoscopic candy jar full of tasty Octopus-flavored treats of both the audio and visual variety. With over 40 minutes of sights and sounds, The Octopus Project's new EP will have you strapping on silver-stitched shoes and jumping on Golden Beds without a care to what Mom says.

The first two tracks were originally released last year as a subscription-only 7" on UK's Too Pure Records. "Wet Gold" is an aural carpet ride through dancing canyons and Technicolor clouds, chasing the distant haunting Siren's call of ethereal Theremin voices, while "Moon Boil" speeds over rollercoaster crests and bounces along a psychotropic neoprene expanse, careening towards the vast unknown.

The spooky Theremin exercise "Rorol" originally appeared on The Octopus Project's debut album, but after years of touring has evolved into the trancedelic powerhouse heard on this extended re-recording. The band began writing "Wood Trumpet" and "Half a Nice Day" while recording Hello, Avalanche, yet decided to spend some more time with the songs, resulting in two jaunty jams that showcase the OP's gifts for evocative melodies, expansive textures and inventive percussion.

This enhanced CD also features seven videos for songs spanning several releases, beginning with the Zellner Bros' visualization of "Wet Gold," which finds our trio of Octo-men stranded at sea in a singing boat as their lady ashore signals distress in semaphore, and ending with energetic live footage from the 2008 Austin City Limits music festival, featuring the Austin High School marching band and 10,000 waving arms.

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Release Date:  July 28, 2009

Track Listing
1.  Wet Gold 
2.  Moon Boil 
3.  Rorol 
4.  Wood Trumpet 
5.  Half a Nice Day 
6.  Wet Gold  (video, dir. by Zellner Bros.)
7.  I Saw the Bright Shinies  (video, dir. by Divya Srinivasan)
8.  An Evening with Rthrtha  (video, dir. by Double Triple & Ryan Junell)
9.  Truck  (video, dir. by Zellner Bros.)
10.  Music is Happiness  (video, dir. by Nick Smith)
11.  Exit Counselor  (video, dir. by Toto Miranda)
12.  Truck (live at Austin City Limits Festival 2008)  (video)

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