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Super XX Man "Volume III" 7" EP


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Super XX Man
"Volume III" 7" EP
Peek-A-Boo Records
BOO 711

Scott Garred, aka Super XX (pronounced "double-X") Man, began self-releasing his home recordings in the mid-'90s, while still fronting the popular indie-pop trio Silver Scooter. This EP was originally released in 1997, and due to the inherent limitations of the 7" format, it was limited to six short, folk-pop songs about friends, love and the subtleties of life. However, Scott had recorded more than twice that number of tracks with the idea that, like the previous two volumes, "Volume III" would hold 12 songs. With this digital re-issue, Volume III has finally been expanded and restored to include those missing tracks, which include a moving cover of East River Pipe's "Crawl Away."

Online orders of the Volume III vinyl 7" include a download code for the full extended digital release.

Release Date:  April 1, 1997

Track Listing
1.  Etc. 
2.  Put Down 
3.  Ocean to Ocean 
4.  Brain & Heart Part II 
5.  Means to an End 
6.  He Who Loved Dinosaurs 
7.  Lost & Found [bonus track] 
8.  Big Glass Jar [bonus track] 
9.  An Army [bonus track] 
10.  Sorry [bonus track] 
11.  He Who Loved Dinosaurs (alt. take) [bonus track] 
12.  Crawl Away [bonus track]  (F.M. Cornog)
13.  Taking My Life [bonus track] 
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